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Wufei Fans!!! [10 Aug 2011|03:34am]

For the fans!!!

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budgeting [17 Feb 2004|08:49pm]

[ mood | happy ]

$30.15 . . that's the cash inventory I have
after 3 weeks of digging under sofas and chairs

only $20.00 more and I'm made for FFCC!! W00T!!

Found some stray posters in a box in my closet . .
Let's just say that my walls ae partially covered,
now all I need are the anime posters and some new
shelving and I'm set for Anime Collecting . . there's
a suncoast in Spokane so that makes the search less
hard . . they're even starting to sell Anime Soundtracks!!


*waves to wufei and the others* HAAAI . . I've
been dormant, working to get into college to
take art class my technique sucks so bad!!

*walks over to a wall and squishes a spider w/ her bare hands*

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See My Journal's Latest [09 Jan 2004|01:44am]

[ mood | giddy ]

See my journals latest entry for side
splitting, pant pee-ing laughter . . .


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long time no see [01 Dec 2003|08:36am]

[ mood | awake ]

hey everyone! i've been gone for a long wile but I'm just posting to let you know that im still alive. anywhoo this month has been a hard one, I'll update with you guys later...hn, guess I'll have to re-meet everyone!

HAI! my names Desi, but everyone calls me Justice( long story)I'm 17 I'll be posting a picc of me later,hopefully

Ciao Bella
Blessid be
~Spirit Soldier Justice

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Oi! [12 Nov 2003|05:39pm]

After many many MANY months of being MIA, Yakio has returned!

*hugs all* I missed everyone! ^_^;; I hope you guys remember me...
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[05 Sep 2003|03:35pm]

[ mood | excited ]

The poster came in to today!
The loverly Chang Wufei doujinshi poster I got from Clara Chan **ebay** came in!

Now... the greedy side of me is saying keep it for myself, but the side of me that wants to spread the joy of Wufei around is saying to use to use it as a prize for a contest for HUGS & KISSES.

It's a gorgeous piece, by Shin Kidousenki **Neko2**. Looks as though it was originally intended to be the cover for a 5x2 doujinshi, but this certain one was never used **no spine folds, no glue, no nothing, just the poster**. There are a few crinkles here and there because Clara had it rolled up in a poster tube and trying to get it in the tube must've done that. But other than that, its in beautiful condition!
Its being weighed down and flattened out under some books right now till I can get a frame that will fit it precisely.

So, what do you all think? Contest? Yes? No?

...god, this thing is beautiful **snuggles de pretty Wufei**.


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[03 Sep 2003|06:02am]

[ mood | artistic ]

I have to admit, I have been a
overwhealmed over the last few
days, but neverfear!! I am always
fast to heal and get happy!!

cough . . btw Wufei I have taken
my yearly trip to the underworld
. . Treize and Meiran send greetings

Also I wanna mention that you start
picking up after yourself . . . I have
seen alot of dirty clothes on the shrine
floor these days, If they are not removed
soon I will wash them . . .

I have to start learning how to draw
anatomy, perspective, and battle scenes
if I ever want to re-draw Empire of
Dragons . . My current comic project
at deviantart.com

And with-out further ado! I found a nifty
MMORPG (Mass Multiplay Online Role Playing
Game) that is an anime based and 3D . .
and free!! http://eng.pristontale.com

Bye Bye!!!

aka Maskie

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[01 Jul 2003|07:07pm]

[ mood | productive ]

Oh my god!!! I updated! Look! I'm not dead! The sites not dead! I actually did my job and put all the crap I've been hording in my inbox up!!! ^.^* Be proud of me, ne? XD

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:D Wufei rules! [16 Jun 2003|05:59pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

^_^ Wufei's sooo cute! :D awww, the little dragon! so fuckin' cute. *coughs* anyways, yeah, Duo should bang bang him. ^.~ Wufei needs it and he will so love it, ne? :D

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Gomen!!! [19 Mar 2003|07:14pm]

[ mood | stressed ]

Aah! I'm such a sucky miko! Gomen all!! This board has been so dead!!! And the site too. I haven't updated in forever!!! I'm so sorry! Don't give up on me completely please! Just give me some time! I've been so busy this year (and by busy what I really mean is broke-ass-poor) and as such I've been having to work my ass off to make ends meat which means: no free time. I'm so sorry! But in May I'm moving back to Vegas where things are super cheap and therefor better and that way I won't have to work so long and hard!

So I apologies a bizzilion times to the seishi and all the Wufei fans. Just keep loving Wufei and hopefully very soon I shall be back with a super update (I save all the stuff people send in for "ykylwcw..." and pics and fics).

I still luv you all so please bare with me!!! Ja!

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GRRR [11 Mar 2003|07:56pm]

[ mood | angry ]

This board is dead!! I'm mad!! Goodbye!!

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I believe [22 Feb 2003|06:48pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

After all of the depressing things in my life I started to believe in the things known as magic and little people. Call me nuts if you want but I believe what I believe..

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Randomness [16 Feb 2003|05:59pm]

[ mood | excited ]

The weather is crazy up here, this winter storm is absolutely, postitvly mad!
Causing slippery roads and accidents! The same thing is happening in New York, guesing
by that news Jacob ( Amy's boy ) must be 'slushed' in "shouts to the clouds: Where were you at X-mas?!?!

This warm winter has granted misquitoes freedom! This hear they're supposed to be carrying something called 'West Nile Disease' , mom says it's a deadly one, I'm scared of the coming spring that I will be bitten.

I am working on the history of Nova's past, her sister, parents, and seductress girl cousin. About when she was born, and when she met Conan and what adventures did they have together, I'm going to have to ask Amy about that since Conan is her character..
I also have to ask her to help me with her aging process. I also have to work on the background of her people, the building type, spells and magic, clothings and all that

Uuugh!! I am starting to hate geocities because of their lame text system! I
can't get the third chapter finished yet, I need a little R&R...:sigh:

On to good news, Dad has two days off this next week, Mom and Dad are thinking we might go to see Shanghai Knights, starring Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson!! I am getting popcorn!!

Love Love to all

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Promising News [05 Feb 2003|04:35pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Here is an eye opener for all you Kingdom Hearts fans!! I was surfing the net as usual when I wander across this Kingdom Hearts Blog, and they had a news section so i checked it out..

From Squaresoft and Disney officials in press conference on sunday they say this.. 'there will be more to kingdom hearts than just games'... this prooves the possibility that there will be movies or animated series!!

I am so sparked right now! I must draw more Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy!!

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Ico - You Were There [21 Jan 2003|10:39pm]

[ mood | relaxed ]

The island bathes in the sun's bright rays
Distant hills wear a shroud of grey
A lonely breeze whispers in the trees
Sole witness to history

Fleeting memories rise
From the shadow of my life
Sing 'nonomori' endless corridors
Say 'nonomori' hopless warriors
You were there
You were there

Am I forever dreaming
How to define thw way I'm feeling

You were there
Countless visions they haunt me in my sleep
You were there
Though forgotten all promises we keep

Slaves to our destiny
I recall a melody
Sing 'nonomori' seasons lit with gold
Say 'nonomori' legends yet untold
You were there
You were there

Happiness follows sorrow
Only beleiving in tommorow

You were there
Countless visions they haunt me in my sleep
You were there
Though forgotten all promises we keep

The island bathes in the sun's bright rays
Distant hills wear a shroud of grey
The lonley breeze whispers in the trees
Sole key to this mystery

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Yippie Too!! [14 Jan 2003|11:37pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

I am very excited to see my brainy Nova in action, maybe she can steal some kissies from Kylie!! :wink wink: When am I going to receive some comments on my Elfwood gallery???


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Trying!!! [11 Jan 2003|10:43pm]

[ mood | content ]

Ok, I swear up and down I'm attempting the update! I even finally sat down and wrote a whole bunch more for my two ficcies "Mistakes" and "Destiny's Demise." Now I'm just trying to sort through all the crap I got in my mail box (and believe you me there is a looooot of stuff to go up from my mail box). XD Hope everyones having a good new year!

Wufei- And I hope you're all enjoying the new school year >:D

¬.¬* you are such a jerk...

Wufei- ^.^*

Don't ^.^* like me!!!!

Wufei- Don't ¬.¬* like me!!!

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ELFWOOD [05 Jan 2003|07:50pm]

[ mood | enthralled ]

Whoopeee!! I got an Elfwood gallery, they are modifying my ticket so I can't give you guys an address.. WHEEEE!! :Goes of to celebrate at dinner with Soft Tacos and Red Fusion soda:

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It Works!! [03 Jan 2003|11:04pm]

[ mood | rejuvenated ]

Hello! C.B. here and I have joined the community so I post too.. I wish to thank Okashi for the Livejournal I got for free, and to all you others out there that make this webboard and this USA great!! PEACE TO ALL!!

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Wee! [29 Dec 2002|09:59pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Happy Holidays all! Hope everyone's having holiday happiness!!! **hugs all around**

Wufei- ...

¬_¬* Say it Wu!!!!

Wufei- ...Happy Holidays... -_-*

Now isn't he festive... >.<* But anyways, see you in the new year!!! Ja!

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